“So…” What University Spokespeople Need to Stop Doing

Crisis Communication - Gerard Braud - Crisis TrainingSoooooo…. I’ve noticed a bad trend in media interviews. Soooooo…. it appears people think every sentence needs to start with “Soooooo….” Soooooo…. stop it already!

Soooooo… I see this a lot among university professors and experts in higher education who are being interviewed by the media. I hear it way too much in radio interviews on NPR.

I first noticed this alarming trend while teaching media training to engineers and IT experts. It has since spread into colleges and universities.

Normal people don’t talk like that. But it is spreading, not like any ordinary virus, but like a global pandemic. I was teaching media training oversees recently and a petroleum engineer with a major oil company had the same bad habit. During our media training role playing on camera, she began every answer with “Soooooo….”

Sooooooo…..  If you hear it, please try to put a stop to it. Otherwise the pandemic will infect every conversation and media interview in the future.